Tree of Lights!

lights4A long time wish of the Community Association was to start a “Tree of Lights” project.  A hearty group of volunteers braved the wind and spent the day hanging lights on a group of trees at the base of the Huckleberry Chair.

We used 500 feet of LED lights, a Genie 50 ft boom, and the skill and excitement of our volunteers! The lights and expenses were covered by the Community Association and Thank You to CMR for taking care of the power requirements!

Special thanks to Kevin and Michele, Dennis and Vicki, Monica, and Brian and Judy.  Many more had volunteered but because of the lack of equipment to rent on the weekends we had to complete this during the week.  Us retired folks stepped up!

Look for upcoming opportunities to participate in future lighting projects.

Summer Solstice Weekend

Looking back this summer has seen many transformations in our community. This
June the groundwork was laid for the future of adventure in the Westcastle valley!
With the advent of our first annual Summer Solstice weekend, our little mountain
community banded together seeing over 50 people show up to help us mark and
maintain five trails and even create some new trail sections. The dedication and
effort seen during the Solstice weekend was inspirational, and we hope this
perpetuates through to next years event.

The resulting increase in traffic on our trail system was astounding, and as a
community, we hope to be able to nurture and grow the relationships held with our
volunteers, supporters and the surrounding communities who benefit from our
creations. From the depths of our hearts, the Castle Mountain Community
Association would like to thank all who dedicated their precious time to bettering
the recreational resources available to our community. For those who didn’t
participate, it’s not too late! We’ll be back next June with even more ambitious plans!

w.armstrong, October 2017

Welcome to the new CMCA website!

Hello Castle Mountain Community members, friends and family!

Welcome to the new CMCA website where up to date information will be posted for you to look through!

Take a look through our new site and take a read of the Liftline Newsletter or see which events you’d like to join this summer!

Please bear with us while changes and adjustments are being made. We look forward to your feedback!

– CMCA Board