Castle Mountain Community Association – Executive Minutes – Dec 14, 2018

Castle Mountain Community Association Executive Meeting

Date: December 14, 2018 Time: 4:00 pm Location: CMR Board Room


Present: Kevin Finn, Sheri Herold, Fraser Stewart, Glenn Armstrong, Monica Stewart, Judy Clark, Ray Bussy, Tara Garrat, Julie Heinrich, Caralee Marriott

Invited Guest: Eliza Grose Representative from Livingstone Ski Academy

Regrets: Pearl Murphy

1. Call to Order: An Executive Meeting of the Castle Mountain Community

Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 4:03 pm.

2. Approval of the Agenda:

Motion to approve the agenda with the addition of Recycling Trailer by Judy and Seconded by Julie.

Motion Carried.

3. Approval of the Executive Minutes:

Motion by Judy, and seconded by Julie to approve the minutes from the Executive Meeting October 20, 2018.

Motion carried.

4. Housekeeping:

Motion by Glenn, and seconded by Ray that the following individuals will hold the term positions for 1 year. Secretary: Monica Stewart, Treasurer: Judy Clark

Motion carried.

Motion by Judy, and seconded by Sheri that to move the CMCA bank accounts from High River Scotia Bank to Pincher Creek ATB.

Motion carried.

Motion by Glenn, and seconded by Julie that the CMCA Executive minutes be posted on the Website. The new minutes will replace the previous minutes.

Motion carried.

5. Report from Municipal Council:

Kevin reported the following on behalf of Bev;

• The contractor has been retained for the water project.

• ASP is moving forward with a final copy out for review by Christmas.

6. New Business:

Livingstone Ski Academy Presentation by Eliza Grose. Eliza is one of the Head Teachers with the Academy. The enrollment has been growing, and the program is in the third year of operation. Eliza outlined upcoming events that require volunteer assistance; March 22 – Race Course Mogul Event March 29 – Big Mountain Competition March 30 – Mexican Fiesta Fundraiser

7. Committee Reports :

a. Community Events/Communications/Membership Committee Motion by Sherri and seconded by Tara for Caralee to spend up to $500.00 to publish and print the Liftline Newsletter during the 2018/2019 season.

Motion carried.

Motion by Julie and seconded by Glenn for Judy to spend $2150.00 for the Trees of Light Project to purchase lights to decorate community trees and to cover the costs for a man lift and sundry expenses.

Motion carried.

Judy will provide a plan for future lighting in the base area.

Membership renewals and membership purpose and value was discussed. A meeting to look further into this was set for Friday, December 21, 2018. Kevin will provide the location.

Next Meeting for the Community Events/Communications/Membership Committee will be Friday Jan 4 at 4:00 pm.

b. Planning and Finance Committee The committee is looking to the results of the ASP and moving forward with a Casino License. The concept of the CMCA community building was discussed. CMR needs to finalize the Village Plan before CMCA can move forward with the Community

Building. A future perspective needs to be determined that outlines the needs for the next 15 years and how the building will fit with CMR’s future plan.

Next Meeting for the Planning and Finance Committee will be Friday Jan 18 at 4:00 pm.

c. External Relations [CRC Committee] This committee has meet and some of the items of discussion were;

• Gophers and Weeds

• Quarterly Report from CMR

• Strategic Planning

• Fire Protection

• Snow Removal- contract out in the future

• Night Skiing- CMR will run the program this season

• Community Residence Handbook

Next CMCA Board Meetings is Feb 8 at 4:00 pm.

8. Old Business:

a. Branding / Logo

CMCA will move forward with the approved concept for the logo.

b. Backcountry Social Forum

Ray will work with Judy to inform the community that Ray will set up a Google Calendar for Snow Shoe and X-Country Excursions with Community Members.

c. Privacy Policy

Ray will work on developing a privacy policy and one of the uses will be to access information for a community directory.

d. Adopt – Trail /CMCA Stickers

Katherine was working on this project. Judy will follow up.

9. Other Business:

a. Upcoming Provincial Election

Kevin will organize an all candidate Forum before the end of the Ski Season.

b. Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce

Julie will become our representative at the P.C. Chamber of Commerce Meetings. Motion by Judy and seconded by Ray that the CMCA maintain the yearly membership for the Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Motion carried.

c. Garbage/Recycling

Fraser reported the problem with garbage in the Recycling Trailer. Motion by Judy and seconded by Sherri that Fraser work with Jason on signage for the recycling trailer, to see if CMR will assist with costs. The CMCA will cover up to $500.00 for signage.

Motion carried.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:32 pm by Fraser.

Summer Solstice Weekend

Looking back this summer has seen many transformations in our community. This
June the groundwork was laid for the future of adventure in the Westcastle valley!
With the advent of our first annual Summer Solstice weekend, our little mountain
community banded together seeing over 50 people show up to help us mark and
maintain five trails and even create some new trail sections. The dedication and
effort seen during the Solstice weekend was inspirational, and we hope this
perpetuates through to next years event.

The resulting increase in traffic on our trail system was astounding, and as a
community, we hope to be able to nurture and grow the relationships held with our
volunteers, supporters and the surrounding communities who benefit from our
creations. From the depths of our hearts, the Castle Mountain Community
Association would like to thank all who dedicated their precious time to bettering
the recreational resources available to our community. For those who didn’t
participate, it’s not too late! We’ll be back next June with even more ambitious plans!

w.armstrong, October 2017

Welcome to the new CMCA website!

Hello Castle Mountain Community members, friends and family!

Welcome to the new CMCA website where up to date information will be posted for you to look through!

Take a look through our new site and take a read of the Liftline Newsletter or see which events you’d like to join this summer!

Please bear with us while changes and adjustments are being made. We look forward to your feedback!

– CMCA Board