Making a difference in our community yesterday, today and tomorrow. 


Your Community Association takes initiative year round to add value to our community. These are some of the projects we can be proud of.


͎◆ Our playground fundraising and installation

◆ Inaugural lighting of community Trees of Lights

◆ Fire prevention along the boundaries of our residential zones

◆ Community representation on many key issues in our larger community


◆ Community trail improvements, cleaning and maintenance

◆ Expanding Trees of Lights to three different zones

◆ Facilitate a dust control program

◆ Current and future community social interaction and events

◆ Continued invasive weed eradication program with targeted application of herbicide 

◆ Together with Pincher Creek, Emergency Services accessed grant funding to significantly expansion to firesmarting protection of the community

◆ Fire Prevention currently and in the future

◆ AB Parks Correspondence

◆ Social media engagement opportunities via the liftline, instagram, facebook and email

◆ Communication with the community  

◆ Advocating for our community via Chamber of Commerce and SW Alberta Rural Crime Watch

◆ Collaborative conversations with CMR regarding current and future village utilities, traffic, lighting, security, land use ownership and leasing

◆ High-level conversations with the MD about access to water, village land use and infrastructure


◆ Further park spaces and community infrastructure

◆ Possible community hall, and skating rink

◆ Timely and involved relationships with surrounding communities, Parks, government and CMR sharing our goals, hopes and dreams as our community grows

Please help with your donations and engagement

IMG_3432.JPGThe “Mother Goose Memorial Playground” was completed in May 2016.  Members of the Community worked together to build a fantastic new play structure for the area.  Using many volunteer hours, the former playground was torn down and recycled while the new structure was dismantled from its former home in Claresholm, Alberta.  The new site for the playground was cleared out and its new tenant arrived in May, ready to be put together.  During a very wet weekend in May, the community put up the structure. Named for Karen “Mother Goose” Lewko, the playground is a fantastic example of the might of the Community surrounding Castle Mountain.

Throughout the years, the CMCA has also purchased vital community tools like the AEDs found in the day lodge, recycling trailer, community stage for Huckleberry Fest as well as tables for community events.  Funds rased by the Association have also been used to assist in the Master Development Plan which will affect the area for years to come.

CMCA also represents the community’s interests to local, provincial and federal governments.




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