Mission and Vision Statement


Castle Mountain Community Association is committed to promoting a family oriented, safe and sustainable community experience for its members and visitors.


A vibrant community sustained through collaborative partnerships, shared values and common interests.


Family Oriented:

  • Families are the heart and soul of our community
  • We recreate as one large family
  • We look out for each other, ensuring the safety a close knit community creates allowing parents to relax and kids to play
  • We strengthen family relationships by having fun together
  • We develop and deepen community relationships by celebrating with each other


  • We encourage a unified community based on shared values
  • We strive to provide all members with opportunities to share their perspectives, and voice their opinions in community matters


  • We are dedicated to the long term sustainability of our community, and resort
  • We work collectively as stewards of our environment, and provide opportunities to involve others in our stewardship
  • We facilitate and promote activities that enhance the well-being of our community members, and all who visit the Westcastle Valley


  • We are committed to being accountable, transparent and responsive for our community
  • We continually strive to enhance the solidarity and cohesion of our community


  • We facilitate collaborative partnerships that support community initiatives


The Castle Mountain Community Association (CMCA) is a registered non-profit society comprised of members that are Castle Mountain Resort (CMR) residents, shareholders, active resort users and community supporters. The CMCA and its roots have a long history in supporting the viability and long term sustainability of the resort and the surrounding areas.

The Castle Mountain Community Association is committed to being a catalyst to engage the community through collaborative partnerships and volunteerism in plans, actions and activities that:

  • Promote and support a family oriented safe and sustainable community experience.
  • Provide advocacy as needed to ensure the collective voice of the community is heard on matters that enhance community well-being, advance common interests and support the viability and long-term sustainability of the resort and surrounding area
  • Collaborate with developers to ensure a vibrant community that aligns with the mission and values of the CMCA.
  • Promote an inclusive, family oriented community for members and visitors to enjoy while recreating, living or visiting our mountain community.
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