A draft of the Area Structure Plan has been delivered to the Castle Mountain Resort and Castle Mountain Community from the MD of Pincher Creek. CMR and CMCA have reviewed and edited the draft for possible changes.   The draft was reviewed with the MD of Pincher Creek, CMR and CMCA February 2019.  The review was with the Author of the ASP who is a contractor to the MD of Pincher Creek and the Director of Development and Community Services for the MD.  One must remember that this is a Municipal District of Pincher Creek document which is governed by many higher level government documents.  The MD does not need to consult with us on this draft however in the spirit of positive relations between all parties the MD agreed to review the document with CMR and CMCA.  Changes of wording were presented by CMR and CMCA, most of which were accepted with some negotiation.  A few changes were suggested by CMR and CMCA whereby all three parties could ask for a review for future amendment.  Originally the document indicated that just the MD could ask for amendment.  There was considerable conversation about fee simple vs condominium in parts of Phase 1.  Explanation was offered by the consultant however after consideration of the explanation further details have been requested.  The document should go to MD Council for first reading early in March.  Details of public hearing to follow after first reading.